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About Us

Welcome to Totally Beauty Spa of South Florida, you’ll soon realize the Totally Beauty Spa is like no other. Your South Florida Totally Beauty Spa was created to give you the ultimate experience of escape and indulgence you deserve. We believe your day at the spa should be more than just a great spa treatment, it should be a great “experience” from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Enjoy the ambiance, a nice atmosphere, and friendly service. At the Totally Beauty Spa, you’ll find it is not the journey but the “destination.”  We invite you to see for yourself! Come to your senses. Come Home to Totally Beauty Spa.

At Totally Beauty Spa we’ll provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  The wide variety of services are designed to enhance your comfort and style.  Our products are designed to support all of the services we offer.  We are skilled and extensively trained within our fields-we believe totally in continuing education.  We strive to stay current on techniques and trends, enabling us to deliver the very best results. Our Mission Statement is to provide customized beauty and wellness services, essential for positive and healthy living, to anyone who walks in our doors through the highest standard of professionalism, attention to detail and superior customer service.

Our Services

Skin Care

The LED light treatment at Totally Beauty Spa is used to improve the results of our skin care treatments. It only can be used by professionals.

What is Hydrolight?

PDT light Optical LLLT PDT light therapy began to recovery wound and relieve pain, recently used in the treatment of acne, skin care, postoperative recovery facilities, hair growth and obesity treatment.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) a skin treatment based on medical theory, it utilizes an LED source in combination with a photosensitive cosmetic or medicine to treat various of skin problems such as acne, rosacea, redness, papules, bumps, pustule. Besides, the LED photodynamic therapy (PDT), a new method of cosmetic technology, frequently used for skin care purpose. The photon energy has positive effects on skin cells. It accelerates the cell growth, improve collagen and elastin generation. promote the micro-blood-circulation and improve the overall skin condition. Skin problems to settle; aging, sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation freckle, sunburn, acne inflammation, gloomy.

Microdermabrasion Acne Facial with Extractions & Blue Light Therapy 75 min – $110.00

Microdermabrasion may be very useful for people with active acne, mild acne discoloration, pick marks, and very superficial or raised acne scars. Microdermabrasion is use to help unclog pores and clear acne.  Your skin will look and feel healthy, smooth and vibrant. This facial therapy includes deep clean with anti-bacterial product and extractions. Our Blue Hydrolight Therapy works by targeting the bacteria that causes acne and does not damage the skin.

Chemical Peel pro-G peel 35 Glycolic 60 min. – $85.00

The Glycolic Acid and Copper Tripeptides  and, 35% unbuffered Glycolic Acid peels provides facial rejuvenation benefits by removing the skin’s top layers to reduce the appearance of sun damage, uneven pigmentation, and wrinkles as well as acne and acne marks/scars.

Enzyme Peel 50 min. – $60.00

Blue Tidal Enzyme Peel – Is an exceptionally pleasant fruit enzyme treatment that gently provides skin with the exfoliation-boosting effects of pineapple and papaya. After one treatment, skin is less red and more vibrant, feels tightened, and pore size is visibly lessened.

Anti-Aging Facial/neck/decollete’ with Extractions 60 min. – Starts at $80.00

Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, reduce wrinkles for younger-looking skin, you’re in luck.

Acne Facial Blue Light Therapy 60 min – Starts at $85.00

Acne facials therapy includes deep clean with anti-bacterial product and extractions. Our Blue Hydrolight Therapy works by targeting the bacteria that causes acne and does not damage the skin.

Back Facial 50 min – $90

Back facials can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne facials includes deep clean with anti-bacterial product and extractions.

Microdermabrasion 45 min – $70.00

Using micro diamond tips, we can dramatically diminish those unwanted effects caused from the sun, free radicals and everyday stress. No chemicals or anesthesia are used in the procedure, which is simple, pain-free, safe and very effective for all skin types. Benefits: Reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, age spots and even out the skin tone. Your skin will look and feel healthy, smooth and vibrant.

Dermaplaning/Dermablading facial w/ black&white extractions 1h15min – $140.00

Temporarily not available – supplies are out.

Physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate skin, also excellent to rid the face of excess fine hairs which can often accumulate dirt and oil. Contrary to popular belief, vellus hairs, as opposed to terminal hair, will not grow back thicker or darker.Exfoliation of dead cells along with the removal of fine hairs results in healthier, brighter skin that has a smoother look and feel.

Micro Needling (Dermapen) 1h15min – $115.00

The Dermapen is an automated-micro needling therapy system that vertically pierces the skin to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal damage. This enhances rejuvenation results and is far safer for the client because there is much less epidermal damage,treat wrinkles, stretch marks,acne scars and body scars.

Rejuvenate Needles Free Mesotherapy 50 min – Starts at $90.00

Electro-mesotherapy (ELECTROPORATION) a non-invasive procedure,  effective anti-aging, skin firming, anti-cellulite and fat sculpting technologies. Electro-mesotherapy facilitates the enhanced absorption of active ingredients into the skin,  thereby avoiding the use of needles and their side effects, such as swelling, irritation, pain, scarring, infection etc.

Facelift Radio Frequency  45 min. – $80.00

That is why this treatment is often referred to as a “Radiofrequency Facelift”, radio waves penetrate the patient’s outer skin layers, delivering heat energy to the muscles and tissue beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in sags and wrinkles. That is why this treatment is often referred to as a “Radiofrequency Facelift”.

Anti-aging Nano Facial 1h15min – $130.00

Our Nano Facial is a treatment that can refresh, restore, and renew your skin using Nanotechnology to create allowing products and nutrients to be deeply penetrated to the dermal layer where collagen stimulation happens.
It help to improve hydration by plumping the cells, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, improves tone and texture, and tightens the skin. Customized infused medical ingredients to target specific conditions like hyper pigmentation, oily skin, anti-aging, breakouts, dry skin, and more.

Mini Facial 30min – $50

Customized products: Cleanser, Deep Exfoliation, Customized Mask, Toner, Serum, Moisturizing and SPF

We are experts in all skin types.

Body Waxing

Skin texture

  • The skin becomes smooth and even after waxing. This is one of the best benefits of waxing for the skin. Waxing removes dry and dead skin cells along with the unwanted hair. This is not possible in other hair removal techniques like hair removal creams or shaving. There are a few waxes available which consist of aloe or butter for moisturizing purpose. Waxing thus improves the skin texture and makes it more beautiful.

Slow hair re growth

  • The best benefit of waxing is that the hair re growth is very slow. The hair is pulled out from the skin which results in slowing down the hair growth process. The hair does not grow at least for 3 to 4 weeks.

No cuts or bruises

  • Waxing does not involve any substance that can cause a cut or a bruise. This can happen when you shave your hair. Thus, waxing is free from injuries or cuts. Waxing has the benefit of being a non injury causing solution for removal of hair from skin.

Stubble free skin

  • Waxing removes hair completely from the skin. The smallest of the hair can be removed by waxing. In other hair removal methods like shaving, some hair is left unattended to, which forms rough stubble on your skin. Therefore, waxing has the benefit of removing all the hair thoroughly, keeping the skin soft.

No irritations or allergies

  • Waxing rarely causes any skin irritation or allergy. On the contrary hair removal creams can prove allergic to many people. Waxing uses plane wax, there are minimal chemicals involved in the process. Therefore, waxing has the benefit of irritation free hair removal. In fact, the red rashes that sometimes appear on the skin after waxing can also be avoided by doing the procedure properly.

BODY WAXING (HER) – Hard Waxing and Roll-Ons (Strips)

  • Face (full) included eyebrows – $35.00
  • Eyebrows Clean Up – $10.00
  • Nostrils – $8.00
  • Chin – $10.00
  • Chin & Neck – $15.00
  • Upper Lip – $7.00
  • Lower Lip – $4.00
  • Sideburns – $9.00
  • Cheeks – $10.00
  • Neck – $10.00
  • Armpit – $13.00
  • Arms and Hands (full) – $30.00
  • Arms (Half) – $20.00
  • Lower Back – $14.00
  • Brazilian Bikini – $38.00
  • Full Bikini with top – $28.00
  • Bikini Line with top – $19.00
  • Stomach Strip – $6.00
  • Full Stomach – $21.00
  • Full Butt – $22.00
  • Half butt – $10.00
  • Inner Tight Starts at – $12.00
  • Legs (Full) & free Toes – $46.00
  • Legs (lower) & Toes+kness – $24.00
  • Legs (Upper) Starts at – $28.00

(HIM) – Hard Waxing and Roll-Ons (Strips)

  • Full back & Shoulders – $50.00
  • Chest and Stomach – $55.00
  • Legs (Full) with Toes – $65.00
  • Lower Legs & Toes & Knees – $25.00
  • Upper Legs & Toes – $38.00
  • Arms (Full) and Hands – $45.00
  • Arms (Half) – $35.00
  • Nostrils – $12.00
  • Ears – $10.00
  • Eyebrows – $12.00
  • Neck – $12.00

Body Products

Ingrown Hair & Dark Spots Treatment

Topical solution for the prevention of ingrown hair clearing the dark spots. Caused by ingrown hair inflammation.

The ingrown hair treatment can be used on the face, neck, underarms, bikini area, and legs.


Body Sculpting -
Free Consultation

Lose inches and Reduces Cellulite

  • Localized fat is emulsified ans then naturally expelled

Metabolize Fat Cells

  • Some spa treatments, like full body wraps, can aid in metabolizing fat cells and help you decrease cellulite. Our Body wrap combines the provide stimulation, and a vigorous scrub to invigorate skin.


  • Environmental damage like sunburn, and even ingested toxins from what we eat has an impact on the appearance of our skin. A body treatment like a seaweed wrap or deep exfoliant can help you eliminate surface impurities, and draw out damaging toxins. Treatments with high mineral content, like seaweed, muds, and charcoal, can do wonders for flushing out toxins from your skin!

Our therapy procedures includes

  • Ultracavitation
  • Radiofrequency
  • Vaccum
  • Electroporation (Mesotherapy non-ivasive)
  • Italy Wrap
  • Plaster Marro’ Organics Massage Reduction
  • Endermotherapy
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Bamboo Massage Contour
  • Vibration Machine

Infrared Sauna

Detox & Relaxing with photo LED light, aromatherapy and MP3

20 min of Infrared Sauna – $20.00
30 min of Infrared Sauna – $30.00

Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage 60 min – $90.00

  • Deep tissue massage is also known as structural integration, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and other terms.

Foot Reflexology 60 min – $35.00

Pain Relief – By Consultation

  • Massage therapy is effective for relieving and managing chronic and acute pain.

Swedish Massage 60 min – $80.00

  • Swedish massage is very helpful in managing stress, initiating the autonomic nervous system relaxation response and improving circulation.

Corporate Massages – By Consultation

  • Give your employees the break they deserve and make them more productive workers at the same time.

Stress Relief – By Consultation

  • Wellness Massage Therapy is used primarily for individuals who desire to keep themselves as healthy as possible during normal stressors of everyday life.

Our Products

Our Products are Medical Grade with Advanced Ingredients: LIPOCHROMAN (Doble anti-oxidant to protect ANTI-POLLUTION) ,PEPTIDES (Promote Collagen formation), ARGIRELINE-Was developed as a topical BOTULINUM toxin enhancer (LESSENING THE APPEARANCE OF EXPRESSION LINES). The Acids: Salicylic, Hyaluronic, Glycolic, Retinol, and Vitamins C,E,F,K, Treats Acne prone, Rosacea , Breakouts,Wrinkles, Brightening Skin, Firming, Tightening Skin,etc.

Ultra Firming Eye

360 graus tightening cream with peptide complex firms skin around eyes. Diminishes puffiness, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

Advanced Retinol

Wrinkle and Skin Tone Corretor- Concentrated anti-aging serum with retinol,phospholipds, and glycolipids.Visibly firms skin and reduces appearance of wrinkles and pores.

Vita C - 20

Intensive Brightening Cream- Hydrating treatment cream w/ 20% L-ascorbic acid evens skin tone,lessens age spots, and improves appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea Antioxidant serum

Concentrated antioxidant mattifying serum w/ 5% green tea extract to calm acne, even skin tone and lessen redness.

Ultra firm neck and chest

Tightening Hydrating Cream- Hydrating cream w/ linoleic acid, peptides, and vitamin C and E, firms and tightens neck and chest.

Glycolic Gel Pads

(10 min Peel) Micro peel w/ glycolic acid at low PH(3.5) hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts. Smoothes, firms, helps clear acne, and improves pore appearance.

Daily Replenishing

SPF 30+ Chemical-free tinted moisturizer with zinc and titanium plus oxidants to protect against damaging UVA/UVB rays and prevent future damage, paraben free, non comedogenic. Anti-wrinkle peptides help to firm skin.

ResurFACE Creme

Botanical Exfoliating Cream w/ algae particles and orange essential oil gently peels away dead skin cells and acts like microdermabrasion treatment.

Oil free Moistorizer

Light Hydration, w/ hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E hydrates oily and acne-prone skin for a healthy, vibrant complexion.Non-comedogenic.

Ultra Benefits

(10 min Peel) Micro peel w/ glycolic acid at low PH(3.5) hydrating peptides, and botanical extracts. Smoothes, firms, Firming and Brightening Moiturizer- Antioxidant moisturizer combining the strongest antioxidant, Lipochroman to help reverse and prevent visible aging changes. Peptides and brighteners visibly improve appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Vita C Peptide Spray

Hydrating mist-Aromatherapy moisturizing spray w/ vitamin C and peptides helps prevent photoaging caused by UVA/UVB rays.

C System

Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum w/ lilac stem cells, viamin C and marine extracts. Dramatically improves deeper lines, brightness, texture and pores.

Salicylic Face and Body Wash

Micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic acid at low ph for enhanced dead cell removal.unclogs pores, treats and prevents acne.Improves  luminosity and pigmentation.

Dual-Action Toner Pads

Botanical infused alcohol-free tones with salicílico and glycolic acids, helps refine skin texture & pores,calms skin very sensitive inflamed rosácea skin types and razor bumps(beard and bikini areas).

Age Reverse Travel Kit


Age Reverse System is an effective skin care regimen specifically formulated to correct and prevent visible signs of aging, and increase luminosity. Proven results with a combination of concentrated, medical grade actives and natural ingredients.

Advanced WRI-LAX

Concentrated anti-wrinkle serum combines neuropeptide Argirelox with marine peptides to dramatically lessen the appearance of expression lines and visibly plump skin. Provides cumulative improvement with continued use. Improves appearance of: Lip lines and volume, chin and neck lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines.


Powerful Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Works instantly with 400 times the hydrating power, antioxidant-rich firming serum gives a intense hydration to the skin and minimize fine lines in 2 hours.
Increases long-term skin hydration and improvement of dryness, redness, irritation, and flaking.
Boosts vitality and youthful glow


The spa is incredible. From the minute I walk in the door, I’m treated like a VIP. My massage therapist goes beyond & provides a wonderful experience. I cherish my monthly spa days… A must… – “Terry Newman

The Massage & sauna were both wonderful. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. The facilities are beautiful, and absolutely clean and well organizer. I can’t wait to my next appointment! – “Francine Michells

I was absolutely thrilled with my spa experience @Totally Beauty Spa – had the best facial/neck massage with Lucy. I definitely give it 5 stars and would come back again! – “Sherry Keaton

It was a great experience,! All the staff were very polite and attentive. Eva and Reggie were both really great. Thank you! – “Mia Brown

Welcoming staff, great service, great massage, and the face treatment left my skin light, soft, shine and so clean. Good value, clean, relaxing atmosphere, can’t wait to come back! – “Sandra Herrera

Immediately greeted when entering. First time. I had my facial then massage. Loved it, Lucy is caring professional, very organized and friendly, I took a nap during the whole process to wakeup feeling amazing, what a great place. – “Tasha Johnson



Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which can last for days. Since toxins are released from your soft tissues during a massage, it is recommended you drink plenty of water following your massage. Massage therapists sometimes recommend a hot Epsom salt bath that encourages the release of toxins that may have been stirred up from the massage treatment.


No, there are several medical conditions that would make massage inappropriate. That’s why it is necessary that you fill out the health history forms and before you begin your session. The massage therapist will ask general health questions to rule out if you have any contraindications to massage. It is very important that you inform the practitioner of any health problems or medications you are taking. If you are under a doctor’s care, it is strongly advised that you receive a written recommendation for massage prior to any session. Your massage therapist may require a recommendation or approval from your doctor.


Your massage therapist will require you to fill out a health history form. Afterwards the therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed and to determine if massage is appropriate for you. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition, and to see if you have any presenting complaints.


We only use products made of non-toxic and natural ingredients. If you have a known allergy, please check the ingredients. The system works well for most people with sensitive skin, but everyone is different. We suggest trying the products on a small area of the inside of your wrist and watching for any skin reaction for 24 hours before applying to your face. Then, you can try another spot test just below your jawline.


Okay, this is a tricky one because when it comes to the hair re-growth cycle we are not all created equal. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, sometimes depending on ethnicity. I have some clients that come in every six weeks and have hardly any hair at all (no fair!) and others who have to come in every three weeks. Don’t worry!! If you need to come in every three weeks or less, I have a Brazilian Maintenance Special. My experience has been that every four weeks is the most popular length of time between waxes.


The infrared energy in a Body wrap is not only safe, but also highly beneficial for your body. As with anything, you should always consult with your own doctor if you have questions on whether a Body wrap is appropriate and safe for you. Factors include:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Certain ailments
  • Joint problems
  • Medical implants
  • Blood clots
  • High Blood Pressure
  • hemorrhage
  • Pain
  • Menstruation
  • Silicone implants*

*The heat zone for the breast area should be deactivated.

  • If you are pregnant, you are not permitted to use the FIT Body wrap.
  • No one under 18 years of age will be permitted to use the FIT Body wrap.
  • If you have metal rods/pins, a pacemaker, or blood clots – we do not recommend using the FIT Body wrap.


Nooo!!!  Even if you think you have your own personal chia pet growing down there, don’t trim or use the clippers. The longer the hair, the better the wax will grab it and the smoother your results will be.  Remember, if it is too long I will trim it for you. So don’t worry, be hairy

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