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ANTI-AGING– w/extractions of black/white heads, our products are designed to slow the aging process, clear skin, well-hydrate, reduce wrinkles and fines lines for younger-looking skin.

ACNE-LED BLUE LIGHT THERAPY-w/ extractions of black/white heads, Led Blue light therapy works by targeting the bacteria that causes acne without damage your skin, our products are medical grade that reduces inflamed acne  and control pimples breakouts.

BACK FACIAL MICRODERMABRASION-Deep exfoliation using micro diamond tips can be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, even out the skin tone, acne scars, smooth feeling. Includes black/white extractions.

DERMAPLANING w/ extractions of Black/white heads– Physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process and allows products to better penetrate skin, also excellent to rid the face of excess fine hairs, will not grow back thicker or darker. Results in healthier, brighter skin that has a smoother look and feel.

MICRODERMABRASION w/ extractions– Using micro diamond tips, we can dramatically diminish those unwanted effects caused from the sun, free radicals and everyday stress. Which is simple, pain-free, safe and very effective for all skin types. Benefits: Reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, age spots and even out the skin tone. Your skin will be smooth and vibrant.

MINI FACIAL W/ MICRODERMABRASION without extractions– Customized products: Cleanser, Deep Exfoliation,  Mask, Toner, Serum, 10 min massage, Moisturizing and SPF.


SKIN BRIGHTENING ILLUSTRIOUS: Treats skin discolorations & pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, post acne blemishes, UV exposure, and the natural process of ageing. Leads to visible whitening from first application, firmer, smoother and even toned skin.

CHEMICAL PEEL –partially buffered Glycolic Acid, produce visible improvement in skin luminosity, fine lines, superficial wrinkles, uneven skin tone and age spots, as well as acne and acne marks/scars.

ENZYME PEEL – is an exceptionally pleasant fruits enzyme  that gentle provides skin firming, soothing , looks more vibrant, feels tightened and pore size  lessened.

NANO PEN TECHNOLOGY without extractions-Non-invasive pain-free treatment   w/ instant results  in the outermost layers of the skin to allow better absorption of active ingredients that  Improves the overall skin tone, texture , reducing fine lines, wrinkles and induce new collagen.

DERMAPEN (MICRO-NEEDLING) W/ RADIOFREQUENCY–Minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation , tight, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

FACE LIFT RADIOFREQUENCY– The Radiofrequency waves penetrate the patient’s outer skin layers, delivering heat energy to the muscles and tissue beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in sags and wrinkles.